At Mt. Kearsarge Indian Museum Education is fun!

Education is the process of facilitating learning, or the acquisition of knowledge, skills, values, beliefs, and habits. Our teaching methods include storytelling, interpretation, essential questions, and assessment strategies. Programs take place under the guidance of trained museum educators. Our programming can take place inside the museum or a more informal setting such as our Medicine Woods.  We work with classroom teachers and educators to provide well-rounded and thoughtful presentations.

And this is just what happens at Mt. Kearsarge Indian Museum.

MKIM  also offers tours for home-school groups, scouting groups, senior and charter tours, and special interest tours for groups such as cultural awareness, gardening, crafts, Native studies, and museum studies groups.  

Your group will learn about Native culture of the Northeastern Woodlands with its birch bark containers, moose hair embroidery and split ash baskets, into the Southeast with artifacts from the Seminole and Cherokee cultures. Around a corner, enter the Southwest with a fascinating discussion about corn, pueblo pottery, Navajo weaving and basketry from the western part of the country.

The Plains Gallery brings a full-scale furnished tipi into the galleries! Students will marvel at this glimpse into Plains life with discussions of the American bison, beadwork and feather headdresses.

MKIM is a natural resource for classroom teachers, home school parents, youth group leaders and enrichment coordinators. In addition to offering group tours of the museum, the museum offers Outreach Travel Programs that will come to you where your classroom or group meets.   MKIM aligns with the New Hampshire Department of Education's State Curriculum Frameworks for Teaching Social Studies, Common Core standards and the National Council for the Social Studies standards.  Our programming can be customized to meet your needs.  Our outreach also includes civic engagement groups, historical societies and libraries.

But there is more...

Educational programming is more than simple museum exhibits. Through the year we hold events which include the teaching of various Native American crafts, demonstrations, lectures, workshops and classes as well as many other activities.

We have, and use extensively, our heritage garden where we grow indigenous foods and demonstrate the traditional method of planting.  We've developed a seed library from the crops we grow which, in turn, offer these seeds to individuals and groups who are interested in growing heritage food crops.

Email us or give us a call to schedule your program today!