Travel Programs

Mt. Kearsarge Indian Museum also offers customized Travel Programs, which will teach your group or classroom about Native American culture. These programs can include for classrooms:

  • Story telling

  • Hands-On-Activities

  • Essential Questions

  • Web based teacher page for pre and post program activities

  • Assessment techniques and diagnostics, which include:

    • New Hampshire Department of Education’s State Curriculum Frameworks

    • Common Core Standard

    • Standard for National Council for Social Studies

    • STEAM

For groups:

A general digital tour of the museum, its mission as well as engaging, hands-on artifact examinations and discussion.


90 Minute Program $190.00 (PowerPoint Presentation with Artifacts, Hands-On and Question and Answers)

60 Minute Program $125.00 (PowerPoint Presentation with Artifacts, Hand-On or Question and Answers)

45 Minute Program $ 95.00 (PowerPoint Presentation with Artifacts - For Any Group)


There is a mileage fee of $.50/mile, round trip from Warner, NH.