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Presentation - The Light Behind our Eyes


Today’s your last day to make an advanced reservation to hear Melody Walker Brook Presentation from 11:00am to 1:00pm allowing time for questions and answers. 
Please call to reserve 603-456-2600 today!

Melody's Presentation was originally from 1-3pm, however due to circumstances we had to change the time from that to 11am - 1pm.

Those of you who are unable to adjust to the new schedule is not to worry, because we will have a repeat presentation later.

Presentation:  Abenaki Perspectives on Personhood

By Melody Walker Brook

Part of the Native American Heritage Month Series

Education- Identity is the heart of the human experience. Indigenous people occupy a unique cultural space and view the world through a different lens. Put on your Abenaki glasses and see a world full of people human and non-human. Explore concepts of personhood and identity with Melody Walker Brook who presents 'The Light Behind Our Eyes'.

Melody Walker Brook is an educator, activist and artist, currently an adjunct professor at Champlain College. She was previously an adjunct professor at Johnson State College where she taught “Native American Worldview and Spirituality”; “Native American History and Culture”; and “Abenakis and Their Neighbors”. She gives lectures on a variety of topics, including Abenaki history, women’s issues, and Abenaki political history. She has done ground breaking research on Abenaki Spirituality and is heavily involved in the Abenaki cultural revitalization movement. She works with museums, lectures in both the K-12 and collegiate level classroom on topics relating to the Eastern Woodlands and indigenous history.

Costs: $15 for Members $20 for Non Members

Please call 603-456-2600 to reserve your place today for this event. Again presentation is at a new time of 11:00am to 1:00pm.