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The Mt. Kearsarge Indian Museum is situated on a 12.5-acre campus in Warner, NH.  Ever since meeting Chief Silverstar at the age of 8, Charles “Bud” Thompson hoped to open a museum dedicated to Native Americans.  In May, 1991, with the help of his wife Nancy, his boy hood dream came true.  Annually, the museum adds new artifacts to improve the experience of our visitors.  The museum is one-mile up Kearsarge Mountain Road on the south side of Mr. Kearsarge with spectacular views of the Mink Hills.  There is so much to do when you visit the Museum.  There is the museum which pays tribute to Native Americans across North America. 



Mt. Kearsarge Indian Museum is dedicated to connecting people with ongoing American Indian cultural expression and encouraging responsible environmental action based on respect for nature.  Native Americans revered and utilized nature as the source of all raw material needed to sustain and enhance life. The Medicine Woods provides an opportunity to learn about the natural environment and some of the ways Natives historically used plants for food, medicine, dye, shelter and tools. Be sure to pick up your guide in the mail box as you enter the Medicine Woods.

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Our Arboretum area is based on unique resources from Charles “Bud” Thompson.  As a young man, Bud worked at Arnold Arboretum in Boston, Massachusetts.  When Bud opened the Museum, he knew he wanted an Arboretum to continue providing educational experiences for visitors, school children and the surrounding community showing the ways of Native American.  Be sure to pick up your guide in the mail box as you enter the activity center.