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Mt. Kearsarge Indian Museum, Education and Cultural Center, connects people of today with 20,000 years of ongoing Native American cultural expression. The Museum embraces cultural diversity and encourages responsible environmental action based on respect for nature. Through these exhibitions and programs, the Museum seeks to challenge and inspire all of us to improve the quality of our lives and our world. 


Mt. Kearsarge offers museum tours daily.   We also offers tours for schools, home-school groups, scouting groups, senior and charter tours, and special interest tours for groups such as cultural awareness, gardening, crafts, Native studies, and museum studies groups.  

You will learn about Native culture of the Northeastern Woodlands with its birch bark containers, moose hair embroidery and split ash baskets, into the Southeast with artifacts from the Seminole and Cherokee cultures. Around a corner, enter the Southwest with a fascinating discussion about corn, pueblo pottery, Navajo weaving and basketry from the western part of the country.

The Medicine Woods Trail

Native Americans revered and utilized nature as the source of all raw material needed to sustain and enhance life. The Medicine Woods provides an opportunity to learn about the natural environment and some of the ways Natives historically used plants for food, medicine, dye, shelter and tools. In 1992, volunteers reclaimed this area from a farm dumping ground and began its conversion into a tranquility zone. More than 100 species of plants now grow on this 2.5-acre plot. As you follow the path- look, listen, smell and feel the elements of the forest. You will feel a sense of peace and connection to the land and its healing properties. Native elders say that the earth not only provides teas and poultices to heal the body, but also a peace that heals the soul. May you find peace here and be inspired by the Native philosophy to be not just takers but caretakers of the land.