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Flute Presentation by Allan Madahbee (Ojibwa)

Description:Presentation by Allan Madahbee (Ojibwa) 
November 3rd, 2018
From: 2-4
Join Us In A Presentation - History of Flute

Also from 5-6 Concert by Allan Madahbee

Presentation and Flute Concert by Allan Mahdahbee (Ojibwa)

2-4 Presentation History of Flute

4-5 Dinner
  2 entrees in slow cookers
  1 corn bread
  1 blueberry pudding

5-6 Flute Concert

Please call 603-456-2600 to reserve your place and bring a friend or two.  

Members - $25 for 1 session or $40 for both sessions
Non-Members - $30 for 1 session or $45 for both sessions
Natives - free