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Annual Maple Sugar Day

Mt. Kearsarge Indian Museum will be providing Native heritage activities for Maple Sugar Day. Join us as we celebrate the maple syrup season!

MKIM will provide complimentary tastings of our Native American style Maple Baked Beans with maple syrup and a sampling of acorn griddle cakes. You will sample the rare treat of "sugar on snow," participate in a live demonstration of how indigenous people make maple sugar and learn how to boil sap in the traditional Native way. 

We will be working on our dugout canoe and there will also be bowl burning demonstrations. If you have never tried snowshoeing, now is the time! MKIM will provide snowshoes, courtesy of Simonds School.

The Museum will be open all day and you will have a chance to visit the museum store. Admission for maple sugaring events is free. Admission to the museum will be $5/person. 

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